Benzoin Essential Oil

The essential oil of benzoin has many potent properties which contribute to its medicinal value. Its powerful properties include carminative, relaxant, diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, astringent, expectorant, vulnerary, disinfectant, cordial, carminative, antidepressant, sedative, deodorant. This oil was widely used in the old civilizations in their medicines and religious ceremonies. Benzoin oil, which has a gold colour, is derived from the leaves benzoin tree. The oil produced is resinous, thick and aromatic. The main components of this oil include benzaldehyde, coniferyl benzoate, vanillin, cinnamic, benzoic acid and benzyl benzoate. Its vanilla-like aroma is due to the presence of vanillin.

What is the medicinal value of benzoin essential oil?

Cordial and antidepressant

This oil is very effective in uplifting someone’s mood as well as raising the spirit. This is the main reason why this oil is used in various religious ceremonies in different parts of the globe. This oil can be inhaled to stimulate the nervous system. It also gives a relaxing and a warm feeling when inhaled which is useful in improving circulation and stimulating heartbeat.



This oil is warm and disincentive in nature. It is used in removing coughs which might be obstructing the respiratory system as well as relieving congestion. It, therefore, plays a key role in easing breathing. Additionally, it has tranquilizing properties which are helpful in inducing sleep in patients suffering from extreme congestion which is associated with colds and coughs. It is used as key ingredient in the making of vaporizers, rubs, and balms.


The essential oil of benzoin has potent diuretic properties which make it beneficial in facilitating urination. It helps in increasing both the quantity and frequency of urination which is helpful in removing the toxic substances such as excess salts, water, and lipids from the blood. Urination process is also useful in lowering of the blood pressure, improving digestion and losing weight.


This oil is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is used in soothing inflammation caused by rashes, pox, measles, and eruptions. Furthermore, it is helpful in soothing inflammation which affects the digestive system. Ingestion of spicy foods are the leading causes of inflammation which affects the digestive system.


Sedative and relaxant

This essential oil is used as a sedative and as a relaxant. It plays a significant role in relieving tension, anxiety, stress and nervousness. It plays a key role in bringing your neurotic and nervous system to normal. However, this oil is known for having tranquillizing effects and students are discouraged from using it whenever they are taking their exams or studying over night.